Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello Southampton

Hello SouthamptonWell there she is, Lady Jane back on her mooring on the River Itchen, in Southampton.

It is a pretty strange feeling being somewhere new, yet with everything the same.

For now I'm skint, so any work I do on Lady Jane must be with the resources I have on board, at least until the finances catch up.

This also gives me a valid reason to kick back a bit, and enjoy Lady Jane as a weekend home on the sea rather than the floating workshop she has been.

I'm also looking forward to exploring Southampton and the surrounding area, by both land and sea.

For a start, Hythe beckons...

Interestingly, if you look on Google Earth, you can see her on her mooring (click anywhere on the black Flash Earth instructions panel).

The problem is that the Google Earth picture is well over two years old and shows her facing the wrong way, with no crane alongside.

Microsoft VE shows the crane on the Itchen, but no Lady Jane in Fareham.

I guess that after Microsoft and Google update their satellite images, Lady Jane will be shown in Fareham for the next few years.

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