Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy River

The Itchen is a far busier place than sleepy old Fareham Creek.

Busy river

Being such a busy place is inevitably a source of conflict between users, some more serious than others.

Here a lone sculler, after shouts from friends, realises that it may be unwise to continue on his current course.

A quick toot from the Peary, bound for the scrap metal yard upriver, re-enforces the message.


  1. Whoa! I wish I was the skipper on the large boat. On the Thames the rowers are a PITA by thinking they own the river and often shouting abuse at the motorboat owners etc. they are like wasps around the locks and don`t give way for anybody, often they are not even licensed or insured!Pity they cant accept that one should live and let live!

  2. Hi Rob

    Sadly, there are inevitably some selfish yobs who ruin things for everyone else.

    I guess that applies wherever there are shared resources and differing interests or goals.

    It's also a pity that some of that negative energy could not be harnessed for the common good.

    For the most part, the boating folks I've come across have been fairly easy going.

    (This is sounding suspiciously like a rant)



  3. Tee Hee! certainly does doesn`t it? fortunately I don`t spend much time on the river Thames and deliver less boats there now (as Im getting old I guess) I think that your comment "shared resources" sums it up, coupled with mutual respect too
    Take care!

  4. Mutual respect - that's the source of a whole new rant.

    So far as I'm concerned, there is just not enough mutual respect in this 'civilised' society we live in.

    I blame the gummint.



  5. Me too! when you are out at sea you will be your own Guvmint! :o))

  6. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Nice image. It reminds me of the lone protester infront of a tank in Tiananmen Square.


  7. Hi Andrew

    I suspect a tank can stop a lot sooner than a tanker!


    ps. Before I get comments on this, I know it's not a tanker, but the comment would just not sound the same somehow if I said coaster.