Thursday, March 22, 2007

The bad side

The bad sideHere is Lady Jane's bad side, visible from the Southampton side of the river at the moment.

Imagine - that was considered her good side not too long ago.

Now that all the pressure to move Lady Jane is off, I can get back to the task of cleaning her up and painting her.

I find myself really looking forward to rust busting and painting the port side, to match the blue on the starboard side that I'm so proud of.

I reckon it will be so much quicker, and easier, to do the port side, for several reasons:

  • The port side is generally in much better shape than the starboard ever was

  • I have already done a fair bit at both the bow and the stern, so there is less to actually do

  • I now have the benefit of experience from the starboard side

  • I now have the right tools for the job
Before turning Lady Jane around, so I can get to the starboard side from the crane barge, I have one or two patches that need touching up where the paint has been rubbed off by the rib being alongside over the last six months or so.


  1. What a lovely old girl she is! wont she look good when she is fully coated!

  2. Thanks Rob

    I'm looking forward to it.

    The only down side it that she won't look so abandoned, so may attract unwelcome attention.



  3. How about some form of cheap timer on a few of the interior lights to confuse and confound the enemy along with a timer on the tv so that the "blue light" shows at a window and it looks as if its being watched. Or cheap p.i.r. Lights on the fore and aft deck that come on and at the same time dial up your mobile, the kit is cheap from any alarm shop, you record your own message. in fact I think that B&Q do them.

  4. I started with a cheap webcam, but that was a spectacular failure.

    I'm considering my next moves carefully.


  5. sounds good to me!