Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Workbench issues

Not everything is going smoothly:

Workbench issuesHere you see the a picture of one of my workbenches.

If everything in the picture looks terribly squiffy to you, it's because everything really is all out of shape.

This is because another of my workbenches has been mercilessly crushed by Lady Jane.

In an unrelated incident, the platform had got itself jammed underneath Lady Jane's stern, so it's also at a weird angle in the picture.

It's true to say that the platform/workbench combination has been a source of some pain. Ah well, as I've said before - pride comes before a fall.

At least this time the workbench has not been completely destroyed, unlike the last one.


  1. ouch! another workbench bites the dust. Hope it won't be too much of a pain to find or make a new one suited for the task.

  2. Hi Rik

    I have it all dismantled, and back on deck.

    Looking at it, it's not so bad. When I get some time I'll weld it back
    together (after hitting it with a big hammer).