Monday, February 12, 2007

Oil changed

Oil changedThe oil in Lady Jane's main engine is now changed.

Thanks to Captain Rick on the Wanderbird for his helpful advice.

As part of the process, I opened a few of the lower side plates so I could pump out any oil remaining in the sump, and clean up the sludge as best as I could.

Having the side plates open also gave me an opportunity to peer into the engine itself. I think the resulting pictures came out pretty well - considering.

I'm surprised to see that the engine is painted inside, as well as outside.

I don't know why, but it just seems weird to me that the inside of the engine should be painted. After all, as you can see, it's coated with oil the whole time, so there should be no problem with rust or anything.

With the oil changed, and on running the main engine, I notice a marked increase in the engine's oil pressure.

Another job complete, and another positive step towards sailing.


  1. She looks good! On your sort of boat the engine and generators are the hearts of the boat so It has been my experience that probably the last commercial owner of your vessel would have made great effort to look after them well (not always the case)! Think yourself lucky that you arent able to sit in the cyliners individual turbo mouth, or actually stand in a cylinder, as can be done on some of the, ahem! "larger engines" where maintenence means megabucks. Another milestone completed eH?

  2. Hi Rob

    Generally, although very dirty, the stuff in the engine room is ok.

    The engine and associated equipment have not really been used properly for a long, long time.

    Time to do more about that in the coming months/years I think.