Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oil change

I've had a day completely dominated by oil - lots of it.

One of the things on the list has been to change the engine oil - a well overdue task by the way.

After discussion with Robin, about the type and quantity required, I set about changing the engine oil myself.

The first task being to actually go and buy the stuff - 230 litres (60 US Gallons) of top quality diesel engine oil.

Oil changeAs it turned out, it was some £70.00 cheaper (140 US$) to buy a barrel of oil and a pump than it was to buy the equivalent oil in 25 litre (5.5 US Gallon) containers.

Obviously, I opted for a barrel of oil and the pump.

As you can see in the picture, the oil pump also proved handy for pumping out the old oil, as there is no obvious way of otherwise getting the engine oil out of the boat's oil system. Rick - any ideas?

Now I have a load of dirty old oil on deck, stashed in a collection of odd containers, ready to transport to the nearest oil disposal point.

It's been hard work just getting this far.

Once I have all the old oil safely disposed of, I can then start transferring the new oil down into the engine room, and so into the engine's oil system.


  1. How about a small electric (hot) "engine oil transfer pump" situated in the engine area with a short flexy pipe and a hollow 1/4inch coppper dipstick sized piece on the end to insert into the dipstick hole (which usually allows you to reach the bottom of the sump?)you could use this for filling as well, with extensions from/to the deck? would save you carrying barrels down below to/from deck? Harry pounds might have a pump you could aquire to do the job? if they are still in business?you could also use the system for sucking the Sh*te out of the tanks with an extension to the "Dipstick"? the pump just needs to seck well and to pump to aboout three metres or maybe a little more and have a non ferrous or rubber impellor!and be able to accomodate hot oil! Just a thought :o))

  2. The engine has a dry sump, so the yellow/grey box you see in the picture is actually the engine's oil reservoir (200 odd litres).

    I think I still have quite a bit of oil in the system - in the heat exchangers and, I assume, some residue in the sump and pipes etc.

    I don't really know how emptying the entire system would normally be done.

    I'm planning a peak into the sump, through one of the sump plates, just to see what is in there anyway.

    On the plus side, filling the oil tank, and therefore the system, will be quick and easy - I have gravity on my side!

  3. Rick Miles6:33 PM

    About the oil Tim....Does your Industrie diesel have a pre lube manual oil pump on the fwd end of the engine? I was able to connect a garden hose to this so that I could pump the oil directly from the manual hand pump into the garden hose and to the drum sitting on the wharf in the back of my truck. Of course, this was more easily accomplished after running the main engine for a bit to warm the stuff. The " adapter took a bit of time to come up with but it was well worth the time spent rather than up and down the ladder so many times.You can take off the lower side plates on the engine to reveal the actual sump. You will find a screen down there and you can remove any debris that may have found it's way there. I poured some thinned with diesel oil in there and pumped it through again using the hand pump built in at the fwd end of our engine. LJ is really coming along...we're so pleased for you and realize how much hard work it all requires from you......bravo!

  4. Hector Miles3:33 PM

    Hey Mr. Zim. We have a few friends who burn waste oil to heat their shops....this is a great way to dispose of the used oil...they're glad to get it and there is no cost for disposal. You might check around there to see if there is such a place around where you are. Cold here today in Maine -8 F. So long for now pal!

  5. Hi Rick

    Thanks for the helpful advice.

    Changing the oil on these wonderful old engines is not for the feint hearted!



  6. Hi Hector

    I'm thinking hmm, why not look into an oil burner for myself?

    Currently I'm using gas for heating, so an oil burner would be much safer.

    Hope to see you soon.