Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nine days to go

We have a sailing date.

If the weather is good on Friday the 9th of March, Lady Jane's skipper, John, will take her round to the Itchen.

If the weather does not co-operate, we also have the option for Saturday or Sunday open to us.

Nine days to goThat means I have nine days left to get the myriad of bits and pieces that need doing done.

At 10.00 on a cold and wet Sunday morning, with nothing yet done, Fred's cheerful encouragement to get moving is sorely missed. Fred is away on his annual pilgrimage to Australia.

I'm planning on us powering through all the must do's during this week, then focusing on finishing off as much as I can in the following week.

Inevitably some tasks will have to be abandoned, but I'm happy enough that all the essential stuff is done, or at least well in hand.

One of the final tasks will be to give Lady Jane a good old clean up. As you can see from the picture junk essential stuff has piled up all over the place in the scramble to get things done.

I didn't include a picture showing the state of the deck, as it's a real shambles and just too embarrassing to publish.

It will all be sorted by the time we leave John, I promise.


  1. Hi Tim, great blog. Did you get the solenoid sorted? 'd love to see her someday.

  2. Hi Riekert

    I'm still working on the solenoid.

    If I get no result today, I will just make up a blanking plate for now.

    There is too much else to do to worry about finesse.



  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Hi , When do you become Lady's skipper?

  4. Fred (WWR)12:07 AM

    Tim, if you are setting there reading this you need to get p and do something else :) Good luck!!

  5. Hi there Fred

    :-) Good one!



  6. Hi anonymous

    I'm focused on getting Lady Jane comfortable and shipshape.

    Once she is more suited to travelling, I'll then start to think about learning to skipper her.



  7. Hello from Chicago, Tim!

    I've had your blog in my bloglines for a couple of years, I believe. So I've been watching the progress since then. So happy to see the sailing date said. Congrats!

  8. Hi there Chicago Hilarie

    It's good to hear from a long time reader.

    I'm getting progressively more and more excited (and nervous) as the date draws closer. It's now the 10th of March.

    The move is also tinged with sadness, as I've already started with the inevitable goodbyes to folk I've got to know quite well around here.

    Best wishes