Thursday, February 01, 2007

New plating

New platingThe new plating on the port side is finally all in and welded.

It's taken far longer than I'd expected, mostly on account of the weather.

The picture shows the new plate on the port side, taken from inside the forepeak, with just a few smaller sections still to be welded in.

Next will be to cleanup the rust, grind off the handles welded on so the plate could be pulled into the shape of the bow and then give the area a lick of primer to protect the new steel.

The rest of the plating work on both the deck above and on the starboard side will have to be abandoned, as this is just taking far too long.

The target date for moving is set for the end of February, so the pressure is on to finish all the essential tasks before then.

The focus of work will now turn to getting the anchor system in and working.

When the weather is poor, I still have servicing the engine and related machinery to attend to.


  1. Looks good Tim he really does a great job! I guess that the other plating you mention can be done at a later time whilst on your mooring?

  2. Hi Rob

    There is no replacement for skill and experience.

    When you see how the original steel plate (8 - 10mm thick) has moulded to the shape of the ribs, the whole job is that much more impressive.

    I will need to take a break from working on her, at least the expensive stuff, while my finances recover after this last push to get Lady Jane away.

    I'll see about getting the rest of the plating done after that.

  3. Not a cheap Project boating, a finacial breather must be taken now and again, if for no other reason than to simply stand and allow ones self to just take in the enormity of ones (up to date) achievements :o))

  4. Hi Rob

    It will be good to be back on the Itchen - so much more to watch while lazing about on deck!