Thursday, February 22, 2007

I want that one

The chain saga continues.

I want that oneI went to The Chandlery Barge, in Bursledon, on my hunt for some chain.

They were very helpful there, as you can see in the picture they even wheeled out their strange lifting machine so I could get exactly my choice of chain from the bottom of the pile.

For all the effort, and holding up local industry, I only came away with two short lengths of chain and more knowledge on the subject.

I now know you can get long link chain, short link chain (obviously) and stud chain. Probably others as well, I didn't ask.

The upshot of all this is that I'm not going to get my chain this way.

The guy from the chandlery patiently pointed out that I still need to order chain, and what I ordered would not necessarily match the chain I'd measured, so I'd be back at square one with a load of expensive chain to sell.

Plan B now is to actually take the gypsy up to a chain manufacturer, get them to size up the right chain and buy it there and then.

Makes sense to me. Now I just have to find the right chain manufacturer.

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