Monday, February 19, 2007

Deck plates

I'm making steady progress on the list of things to do.

Deck platesThe picture shows the deck plates in the engine room finally being secured.

I had intended to give them a good clean before starting to secure them, but could not resist trying my new Hilti self drilling screws as soon as I could.

You can just see a few of the screws lying on the deck in front of the Hilti screwdriver/drill (Thanks Mark).

The handy thing about these screws is that all you need to fit them is a drill, nothing else. No fiddling about with a drill, then lining up holes and screwing in those self tapping screws.

I need to put in quite a few of these screws, as almost none of the deck plates are still fastened down.

I also need to replace a missing plate, as it seems to have got itself lost over the last few years.


  1. The old self drilling screws have revolutionised the decking industry, especially when used with the cartrige attachment (which looks like an old thompson machine gun magazine.) I used them when I clad the steel deck of my old steel cruiser ready to take her new deck, boy did that save some time!

  2. I agree - it's almost too easy.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention that if you are thinking of cutting the pertruding screw off where it pokes through the bottom of the angle iron or steel supports! I used an old rawlplug tool holder (like a coal chistle with a hole in the end to take a high tensile steel bit that one used to hammer and twist until a suitable hole was made in concrete or brick etc Im sure you remember them) and slipped it over the screw and with a quick wiggle the screw breaks at the bottom of the support. In some cases a sharp tap from a hammer was all it took! Just a thought, it saves getting the old mini anglegrinder out should you deciode that when climbing in the bilge you dont want a screw sticking into your back?

  4. Rob

    I was thinking 'Why would I want to do that?', until I read your last sentence.

    Makes sense now!