Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chain search

With the winch now mounted on deck, my search for the right chain is intensifying.

Chain searchI can now be found wandering around waterfronts with a measuring tape and an eye out for anchors, chain and winches.

The picture shows the winch on Jan's tug, Storebror.

What I'm trying to do is find out exactly what size chain I need for my winch, then I can find suitable second hand chain or, if push comes to shove, buy new chain.

My strategy at the moment is to try to buy short lengths of chain, say 1 or 2 metres (3-6 ft) long, then try those lengths through my gypsy until I find a size that fits.

Buying a full length of chain, then discovering it does not fit will be just too troublesome and expensive.

Looking at Jan's winch, which is similar to mine, he has chain 9.5cm long by 5.5cm wide, so that gives me somewhere to start....

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