Monday, February 05, 2007

Burn that winch

I was just going to accept that the anchor winch was going to remain all jammed up, and use it like that.

Burn that winchAfter discussion with Robin, and further thought, it became clear something had to be done to get it all sorted out properly.

The thinking being the gears would take unnecessary punishment, as they would be permanently engaged.

The other thought was that if the gypsy suddenly freed up on the shaft while hoisting the anchor, the ensuing problems could prove 'interesting'.

It also occurred to me that it could be dangerous if the anchor was let go with the winch stuck in gear and the handle still attached (easily done I suspect).

With the decision made, I set about dismantling the shaft from the winch, and carted the whole thing over to Kendalls, where they regularly have bonfires.

The morning after a nice warm afternoon burning stuff, with my shaft buried deep in the middle of it all, I collected a somewhat dirty lump on which, with liberal dousing with oil, the various bits and pieces were now magically loosened by the fire.

After some effort hoisting and reassembling the thing, I now have a perfectly operational anchor winch, with warping drums, on the front deck. Even the brass key is loose, such that I can now slide it by hand.

Thanks to Malcolm for the help cleaning off the mess from the fire and for the help with hoisting it.

All the winch needs now is a lick of paint to re-instate it back to it's former glory.


  1. I used to use that technique on old fireplaces, brought them up like new! :o))

  2. What a brilliant move of desperation! I'll have to remember that one!

  3. Hi Rob

    It's an amazing process - I just wish I had the foresight to bring some sausages that afternoon.


  4. "Desperation Technology"
    Hit it with a hammer!
    set light to it!
    Fire cures all :o))

  5. Hi Jake

    It took a lot of convincing me that was the way to go, but I'm pleased I did.


  6. great idea. And how wonderful it worked out!