Friday, January 26, 2007

Power struggle

After the debacle of the Chinese made generator back in May 2006, it has been on my mind to get a new, modern, silent running diesel generator.

Power struggleA proper one though, none of that cheap junk for me again.

My faithful donkey engine produces more than enough power for the heavier duty electrical requirements on board, but it has a few substantial drawbacks:

  • It is very noisy, especially for work anywhere inside the boat.

  • It is an absolute beast to start when cold.

  • I want to save the donkey engine as much as possible for boat duties.
So now I've finally swung that new generator on board.

So far it seems to run quietly enough, and is capable of producing enough power for pretty much everything I'll need in the foreseeable future, including welding.

I'll wait until it's properly run in (the Chinese one did not even make it that far) before I take the wheels off, and mount it permanently in it's allotted place, up forwards.


  1. Very nice! Aren't new toys grand?

  2. Toys, toys????

    I've justified this in my mind by saying it will be useful, really useful.

  3. And so it shall, Tim ! You've proven that with your paint job...

  4. Hi Greg & Jamie

    It is a pleasure having all that power at at the turn of a key.

    The donkey takes ages to crank start when it's cold.


  5. wow, looks like a very decent and handy piece of equipment.