Monday, January 08, 2007

Obvious really

There are two main tasks to perform in the forward hold.

The first task is to fix the holes in the sides, both port and starboard, then to install the anchor system.

Pretty much since buying Lady Jane I had assumed the holes in the sides were as a result of the steel corroding from the outside.

Obvious reallyNow, having removed everything, including the shelving, from the hold, it's obvious the holes in the sides are a direct result of small holes in the deckhead.

You can see this quite clearly in the picture.

As has happened in the stern accommodation space, water seeping down from elsewhere has rusted the steel from the inside.

In this case, it appears the holes which have caused the rust are the result of a leaking weld on some overplating, which must have been done some time ago.

The wooden shelves, and piles of junk, simply helped to mask the problem.

Overplating is where a new piece of steel is laid over a problem area and welded into place, as opposed to cutting out the old, rusty, steel back to good steel, and welding in a patch of new steel which has been cut to the size of the hole.

Before we can fix the holes in the sides, the holes in the deckhead need to be addressed.

No overplating this time.


  1. On a visit to a fishing boat in Brixham I noticed the same and it occured in exactly the same place! they had shelves against the hill which were slightly out of level as normal and the water laid agains the hull after it had leaked down through the deck! they had sacks of gear resting against the hull also which had got wet and indeed stayed wet which sort of poulticed the hull encouraging rust. I think the owner said that the shelves had been there since he had owned the boat ( fifteen years) and the sacks, he had no Idea. I suppose the answer is to always leave an air space between the hull and any storage facility as well as curing the deck leaks, of course? Lateral supports also can cause a problem as they collect condensation as well as sea water from leaks and start the rust program. I found that on my old De Groot. Boy are you thorough in your quest to reinstate lady jane to her former glory! well done Tim.

  2. Hi Rob

    Thanks for that.

    I simply thought it would be bad form to leave a few holes in the hull, albeit well above the water line.

    I guess I could have hidden them with duck tape and saved myself a lot of effort (and cash)!



  3. Wow! thanks heavens for duck tape!

  4. I'll second that!