Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gaping hole

Work has started on fixing the holes up in Lady Jane's bow.

Gaping holeRobin needed no encouragement to cut a massive section out of the side of the bow.

You can see him embarking on cutting yet more out in the inset. This gives you an idea of just how much steel was rusted paper thin by those relatively small leaks in the deckhead.

It looks worse than it really is, as with Robin's deft welding, and the help of some chain blocks, some newly cut and primed sheet steel should slot straight in there as soon as this wet, windy weather leaves us.

There are still a few small holes elsewhere on the port bow to take care of, but this patch will have the worst of them fixed.

The leaks in the deckhead are also being fixed, as it's pointless fixing the holes but not the cause of the holes.

Once this lot is done, there is still the starboard side to take care of.


  1. Rick Miles3:10 PM

    Nice TZ! It really feels good to put new steel in! Go for it!

  2. New steel = less rust busting!

  3. You got that right!!!!!!

  4. wow, once again I'm amazed how torough you are in fixing up lady jane. Great job

  5. captain john12:05 AM

    hope those welds will take me bouncing her around the wharf tim,see you soon,get me a draught,if all ok it will be friday 9th,sat10th,or sun 11th march,but sat 10th at 1320 looks good to me,get in a good supply of ships biscuits and salt pork.regards john

  6. Hi John

    The plates are all good, though I prefer to let old tyres take the strain!

    How about we aim for the Friday? - that gives us a good window if the weather is going to be bad.



  7. ok,1240pm then i am basing the draught on 2.5 metres leaving a window for adjustment on the day depending on sailing draught.pleased to see the windlass is working pity robin has not the time to construct a hawse pipe which will make your life much easier in the event that the anchor has to be let go,me,i will yell encouragment from the wheelhouse,keep at it. john