Monday, January 29, 2007

Classy finish

I have power, plenty of power. This has had an immediate beneficial impact.

Spray paintNever have I achieved such a classy finish on anything I've ever painted (Click on the picture for a bigger image to see what I mean).

So far, all the painting I've done on Lady Jane has been by brush, or roller.

At one point, in a fit of enthusiasm, I bought a spray gun, but have never used it.

Most of the reason for not using the spray gun has been on account of power issues. My small generator is a little too weak to run a compressor, whereas that poor donkey engine does itself no favours with all that noise.

I've also never used a spray gun, so have been hesitant about getting stuck in with it. You know the sort of thinking where you have something that works, so don't want to try pushing the envelope with something new for fear of failure.

It must be said that it took quite some time to make any headway, but I'm extremely pleased with the results so far.

The picture of the glass like paint job was taken while spraying, and before the paint dried.

It's hard to say if, overall, spray painting is quicker than using a roller. But the results so far seem to indicate that any extra time, or effort, may well be worth it.

Sadly, the primer dries to a matt finish, but I'm enormously encouraged by the results so far.

I'm also excited by the possibilities for the future.


  1. Maggie Miles6:49 PM

    Bonjour Mister Zim. Your talent with the spray gun is phenominal! When you are finished with your Lady Jane might you be able to paint my Porsche? Looks great Tim!

  2. Is that that Porsche or porch?

    We would not want a mistake now, would we?

  3. Aye, captain, that is a nice job you've done there! She'll look magnificent when you're done ~

  4. Hi Greg & Jamie

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of this on the hull soon.