Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another skip load

Another skip loadWell that's another skip load gone off of Lady Jane.

Thanks to Adams Waste in Fareham (Phone 01489-581736) who have always provided an excellent service - prompt and friendly.

That must make it the fourth or fifth load, plus all the stuff I've trucked away myself.

It does seem a little odd me chucking away all this stuff, when I'm also trying to get the bow down with more ballast.

The reality is that the stuff in the skip is old rust,smelly old timbers and other junk that I simply have no place for on the boat, so off it goes to a landfill somewhere.

I am idly curious as to what Lady Jane now weighs, so I have an idea of the total weight of just how much I've been responsible for clearing out from throughought the boat.

By the way I, and others, have ached after carting the stuff about over the last two years, I bet it's lots.


  1. tugster2:06 PM

    so do you have a crew to help with this restoration?

  2. Hi Tugster

    No crew as such, just a few willing volunteers who show up to help.