Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Anchor winch

The big project in the forward hold will be installing an anchor system.

I've got a big enough looking anchor, which I've had on board since buying Lady Jane, and recently bought a winch on eBay.

Anchor winchThe winch is in reasonable condition, a little worn, with one tooth broken, but it looks perfectly serviceable.

I'll have to do some more work on the winch, as the internal mechanism has been painted so the parts don't move independently of each other. The gypsy, the red bit in the middle that the chain runs through, should run independently of the warping drums on either side.

I also need to find myself some chain to complete the set.

Finding chain will start by measuring the gypsy, to see what size I'll need, then the hunt will be on.

A wise person would buy a short length of chain, as a test before committing to buying a proper length of chain, as it's sold by the metre and is pretty expensive stuff.


  1. Good Lord, man! Don't you ever stop working? I feel positively lazy over here (well, it's that whole American thing anyway, I guess). I'm quite impressed by your industriousness! J

  2. Hi there Greg & Jamie.

    I'm on a mission to get moving asap. After all it is supposed to be a boat!

    There will be plenty of time to hang out once I'm back on the Itchen.



  3. How will you drive the winch? or is that a silly question?

  4. My very next post!