Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Console finished

Work on making a serviceable console has now been completed, so that's another thing off the list and hopefully a happy enough skipper as a result. John?

Lady Jane's new consoleI'm pleased with the results, though I still need to decide if I should paint it, varnish it, or just leave the wood as it is.

I like the wood effect, and will most likely just leave it.

I had intended to install seating in the wheelhouse, but there is not really much room so I think I'll abandon that idea.

As it is, sitting on the console, either side, is pretty comfy.

I've started work on the compass installation, and have gone so far as to actually buy one. The problem is, it just doesn't want to point north. It's because of all the steel around affecting it, and nothing to do with Johnny Depp.

To fit the compass properly I'll need to 'swing' it or, more likely, get someone in to swing it for me.

Either way, it's obvious that this is not going to get done with Lady Jane sitting alongside in Fareham.

Another task off the list, albeit abandoned.

More learning.

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