Monday, December 04, 2006

A blustery night

Saturday night was a pretty wet and windy night, all night, down on the boat in Fareham.

Christmas lightsNot the wild winds of biblical proportions you get elsewhere in the world, but a refined English wind of 60mph.

Severe enough to blow down a few trees and to leave twigs on the roads - as reported on Sunday morning by Ocean FM, the local radio station I normally listen to.

Anyway, the really great thing about being tucked up in bed on board a steel boat like Lady Jane is that the weather is not really a problem, asides of course for the sound of the wind in the mast's rigging and the banging of the exhaust flap.

Finally, at about 3.30am, I got up and taped the exhaust flap shut after putting up with the noise for a while, expecting the wind to die down. Which it did not.

Hurrah for duct tape.

My biggest worry was for the Christmas lights the wind spent the night trying to tear down, as I'd only just put them up that evening.

No problem really, they were still twinkling away merrily the next morning.


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Christmas lights!!??? You have Christmas lights??? I've been told by the Captain that we don't have enough outlets for them.

    Between that, the washer/dryer incident, & the LED candles, I'm beginning to suspect that I'm living an unnecessarily Spartan existence of his choosing. Hmmm...I sense a mutinous crew in his future. And battery operated Christmas lights...


  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Glad to hear you didn't blow away Tim. I think duct tape really is man's best friend.

    We sussed out a whack of LEDs to to the outline of the Bowie. To do one side only we figured it would cost us about $250 bucks.

    Maybe we'll wait until the Boxing Day/Week sales go into full swing around here and stock up for next year.


  3. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Hey Mr.,

    Lady Jane is looking quite beautiful... I am happy for you. Here it snowed all day yesterday. now the snow and winter is really here.

    just dropping a hello!


  4. Hi Jamie

    I wanted a bit of Christmas cheer on board, sort of a sign that things are on the up.

    Not too much drain on the power & well within the wind turbine's capacity.


  5. Hi Bowiechick

    My lights are not that spendy, just a line of regular lights plugged into the invertor.

    Makes a difference though!


  6. Hi Maizzy

    Good to hear from you again. Keep well.