Monday, November 20, 2006

Ship's radio installed

Just how many people does it take to install an ariel?

It turns out that the ariel, was as well as the radio, that was on Lady Jane when I bought her was defective.

Radio installedHere you see some of my climbing mates, Andy, Steve, Lee and Rob, all contributing to the process of installing the new ariel, which Andy is holding.

I'm very grateful to Andy, who you can see basking in that afterglow of a job well done in the inset, for his dillegent work in testing, installing and setting up my new radio and ariel.

Thanks must also go to Rob, who connected the on-board GPS to the radio. This enables the radio to give automatic positioning information, using Digital Selective Calling (DSC), in the event of a distress call.

This crucial job has been done properly by Andy, who knows what he is doing and has the testing meters, tools and an impressive box full of odd wires and connectors to prove it.

If it were me, I would simply have connected bits of wire and things until something worked - or the whole lot blew up.


  1. What an awesome story you have going! Thanks for the comment on the Katherine Jane blog; if you don't mind, I'll add you to the "Other Boat Blog" links. Love to see what other folks are up to on their boats & you have quite an undertaking there! Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie

    I'm more than happy for you to add me to your links.

    I'll do likewise here.