Thursday, November 09, 2006

New bilge pipes

The job of installing the new bilge pipes has now been completed.

This is really part of the fish hold bulkhead project.

New bilge pipesThe picture shows the new (red) bilge lines to the forward hold and the the fish hold in the background, with a hole cut and a new length of pipe for the standby fish hold bilge pump in the foreground.

I've ended up replacing more piping than expected, but the old bilge pipes were quite severely wasted away by rust.

That two inch piping is more expensive than I was expecting it to be.

Although the bilge pipes have now been replaced, the bilge filter box needs cleaning up, and the piping still needs to be re-attached.

Testing this stuff is going to be interesting....


  1. It looks really dry?

  2. Yup.

    There has been no leakage into the fish hold, or forward hold for that matter, asides for the hole in the hull I made a few weeks ago.


  3. Pretty impressive, robin is a good welder! Are you happy with the hull thicknesses now?

  4. Hi Rob

    Yup, I've given all the suspect areas a good cleanup and Robin has welded the dimples I found.

    All seems well now.