Monday, November 13, 2006

Loading ballast

I've now got an extra four tonnes of ballast on board Lady Jane, not that much difference to the trim I'm afraid.

Loading ballastThe photo montage gives you some idea of the effort that went into loading this stuff on board.

Round the quay at low tide on my trolley, then shifting the lot on board once the tide was in, making loading a little easier.

A difficult task made so much easier with the cheerful help of both Malcolm and Fred.

I'm looking particularly dirty on account of I got to pack those cast iron lumps in down below decks.

Apparently those, cast iron, bits of old railway you can see are called chairs, something I didn't know.

You can imagine the confusion when I got a phone call from someone, who's name and company name I did not catch, announcing the imminent delivery of the chairs I'd ordered!

The guy from emc in Southampton must have thought I was a bit retarded. We argued for a bit about whether I'd ordered any chairs or not and it was only when he mentioned they were to be delivered to Fareham that I finally twigged.

All four tonnes is now on board, and most of it is stowed down below.

After a full day and a half of it, I simply ran out of steam, Kit Kats can only keep me going for so long!

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