Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Console progress

I'm very pleased with the progress of the wheelhouse console so far.

Console progressOnce the other side has been done, I can then start re-fitting such instrumentation, switches and lighting as I have - essential for the voyage round to the River Itchen.

Fred has excelled himself with the templating of the actual work surfaces.

Meanwhile, I've been quietly impressed by just how well the fiddles have turned out (the rails around the edges of the shelves for you land lubbers), the result of some measure of shaping using a router.

I can well imagine just how effective a router would be in the hands of someone who really knew what they were doing.

For now, I'm happy with a nice smooth curve on the tops of the fiddles, and a neatly cut step on the bottom, so they sit onto the actual work surface, making an overlapped joint.

I know this is all temporary, kind of long term temporary probably, but it is so satisfying doing a job well.

The best bit is that the console is a comfortable place to sit, with views out in all directions through the wheelhouse windows.

With the heating on, cradling a big cuppa tea, it's perfect as a respite from working out in the bitter cold.


  1. Hey TZ Looks really fine...hey along with Pat maybe Fred might like to come over for a visit to...he looks quite comfy way up high there painting the bow..all the best! When are you bringing LJ around to the river? I'll check on flights to see if we might be able to sign on as deckhands for the voyage.

  2. Hello Mr. Zim. Your ship looks awesome. Hector sends his love. We have to come over across the pond to get some more Lifeboat Tea.