Monday, November 06, 2006

Blue bow

Finally, we've got that first coat of blue on all the way round the bow section of Lady Jane, almost completing the first coat of blue on the starboard side.

Blue bowHere you see Fred, perched high above the water, putting the finishing touches to the bit he was working on.

There is still a short section, at the stern, close to the waterline to be rust busted, primed and painted blue. Before I can do that I really desperately need to get a load of ballast in forward, so the boat is trimmed up more or less properly.

I've found some ballast, so it's just a case of paying for it and having it delivered. It's going to be expensive though, at £188.00 (US$ 370) per tonne delivered, cash. Unfortunately that price includes VAT, which is unavoidable.

I'm planning on putting in five tonnes of the stuff, then trimming the rest of the way with water, probably another five tonnes worth. Right now it's just too expensive for me to use only cast iron ballast, which would be my preference.


  1. Can I ask? when are you going to straighten up thise rails? :o))

  2. Hi Rob

    The rails do need attention, but they will have to wait for more urgent tasks.

    By the way, the front rail appers to be intentionally bent like that, to allow access to the ring through which the mooring lines pass.



  3. Fred (WWR)2:37 AM

    Just curious Tim, do you have tanks for the water ballast? How is the cast iron ballast secured to prevent shifting in rough seas?

  4. Hi Fred

    Good question!

    The ballast is at the bottom of a very deep vee, so currently the 3 tonnes of ballast I have in there is well jammed in.

    I expect the next five tonnes to be similarly jammed.

    Where nescessary, I'll weld some angle iron, or similar, over the top to secure it all in place.

    The deep vee is also why I'm comfortable using water as ballast, for now anyway.

    I'll have to replace the water if there is any chance of encountering really big seas though.