Friday, October 20, 2006

Wheelhouse roof leak

Another one off the list:

This is one entry which is sure to bring a wry smile to at least one of Lady Jane's former owners.

Wheelhouse roofI have at last got around to doing a proper job on fixing the wheelhouse roof leak which has plagued me for the last two years.

The picture shows the newly cut and bolted section of steel plate over the hole where the compass binnacle used to sit.

You can see the hole I've covered in the bottom right of the picture, taken just after I'd taken off the cracked plastic cover.

This patch will do until the wheelhouse gets refurbished, as the section I've covered is aluminium and, although I've a rubber seal between the plate and the aluminium of the top of the wheelhouse, the bolts are likely to have galvanic corrosion issues.

I'll also be willing to bet that John, the skipper who will take Lady Jane back round to the River Itchen, will thank me for preventing a steady trickle of water down the back of his neck.

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  1. That looks great, Tim! It's like it was done by a professional repairman. I bet that problem was also experienced by Lady Jane's previous owners, so you must be happy that you've taken care of that roof leak that pestered several generations. I wonder why it hasn't been fixed before.