Monday, October 30, 2006

Wheelhouse ceiling

Work on the wheelhouse roof is very nearly complete .

Wheelhouse ceilingHere you see Fred standing, wondering if the sky is about to fall in on him, just before we finished screwing all the plywood pieces in.

It has to be said that Fred was responsible for most of the plywood in the deckhead fitting together as well as it does.

You can see evidence of the leak between the aluminium and steel sections of the wheelhouse roof at the top of the picture. I'll need to give sealing this another go, with bitumen paint this time.

At some point it may be best to strip all the various sealing attempts over the years off, and start again.

Not now though, too much to do elsewhere.

I've still to cut thin melamine board to size and tack that to the deckhead which, along with hardwood battens over the seams, will really have the place looking smart.

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