Monday, October 16, 2006

VHF Radio

One of the things on my recently updated list is to install a VHF radio.

Simple enough you might think, just a case of going down to the chandlery and buying one, replacing the old brackets with new, plug everything in then - voila. After all, there had been a radio in there before.

Not so simple, not by a long shot.

The 'going down to the chandlery and buying one' was the easy bit, well maybe not so easy on the credit card.

Ships radioWhen I got back to Lady Jane with my new toy I quickly realised that the coax cable which connects the radio to the ariel was cut on the wheelhouse roof, while the cable from the ariel to the radio was cut somewhere behind where the radio was fitted.

Hmm, problem number one - I needed some coax cable, and probably a new connector, but the chandlery was now shut.

Nothing to do now but read the instructions.

Problem number two. The ariel is not really situated a safe distance from where people will be - a distance of 3 metres is recommended (this may have to do for now though).

Closely followed by problems number three and four. I need a ships radio licence and I personally need a radio operators licence.

I've not gone there yet, and might not for now, but I suspect connecting the radio to the mangy old GPS I have on board will present it's own set of problems.

So far I've applied for a ships radio licence - at least that's free!


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  2. I believe that if you have a holder of a licenced radio operator certificate on the boat at the time you use it and he/she has authorised you to do so then you will be legal? so no rush to get a users ticket as yet IMHO? but I guess you will have to soon.

    Can`t you just temporarily join the cut cables with suitable connectors for now? ( no substitute for a "proper job" though):o)) sorry for the previous aborted post spel*ng wus soo bad :o))

    2:14 PM

  3. OOh, I'm glad I found this blog. Looks like it's going to be a good read.
    OOh look! It's Rob! How did you get here?

    Uh oh, this blog has 'word verification'
    Darn it.

  4. Hi Rising Slowly

    Welcome aboard. Yours is an interesting blog.

    I'm looking forward to reading all about it when you get to Mexico.

    Sorry about the word verification, but I was getting 'spam' entries which annoyed me.


  5. Hi rob

    If I have a toy, like a new radio, I'll have to play with it - hence the licence issue.

    I'll have a go at replacing the cable, purely to avoid issues.



  6. Good man! enjoy,

  7. Hey TZ. Didn't you have some practice tracing and running overhead cables and such during your visit to Nova Scotia and the WB? Cheers Mate!

  8. Hey captains Rick & Karen

    Good to hear from you again.

    It's the tracing the watermaker piping I'm remembering!

    I hope that all worked out ok for you guys.