Monday, October 23, 2006

Plywood skin

Another one off the list:

This time it's the plywood skin in the wheelhouse.

Plywood skinThis was originally ripped out in preparation for sorting out the holes rusted through the wheelhouse sides and floor.

In the event, sorting out those holes turned out to be a much, much, bigger job than planned.

With winter coming last year I chose to re-insulate the place, as it was the only place fit to sleep in while I was on board.

The holes in the steel would have to be addressed later, when I had someplace else on the boat to sleep.

I had at least got rid of all the stinky wood, and had largely cleaned up the rust though.

Somehow, the plywood skin never got done - It just did not seem necessary to do as it would all have to come back out again anyway.

Now though, I need to have the instruments etc. mounted securely, so the panels have to go in as preparation for building a new console, even though it will only be temporary.

The plywood skin is more work than it looks, and uses plenty of material as well.

I've been using a templating technique shown to me by Alan, from one of the boats across the way.

I'll do a separate blog entry on templating, as it's an invaluable method of ensuring complex wood shapes are cut right every time.

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