Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New table

I've temporarily halted other projects in order to make a new table, which you can see in the top part of the picture.

New tableThe reason for the new table is evident in the wobbly legs you can see on the old table in the bottom right picture. The old table is perched on top of my workbench, which is in turn sat on the platform I have floating alongside Lady Jane.

The old table's legs have been getting increasingly unsteady over the last few months, making the whole thing a little precarious.

I blame the circular saw, as it's made a few unauthorised cuts in the table top when cutting wood for other projects, substantially reducing the table's overall integrity.

When I've been standing on my table, on top of everything else, to chip or paint at the top of the bow section, people have been taking pictures with their camera phones etc.

No doubt I'm on someone's blog somewhere, as yet another example of why women live longer.

There have also been a few comments from the folk at the marina across from me.

Anyhoo, I generally use a climbing harness and safety rope when working up there, especially after the legs have got so wobbly, so I don't consider the arrangement unsafe.

Recently though, even after a stern talking to, liberal application of wood glue and a general tightening up of all the screws in sight, the tables legs are showing an increasing tendency to point in all the wrong directions with no prior warning.

In the event the legs give in completely while I'm working up there, it's not so much the indignity, or discomfort, of a fall that concerns me, but the possibility of loosing power tools to the mud that has spurred me into action.

That new table takes me from one extreme to the other. It's made of 50*50*5mm (2*2 inch * quite thick) angle iron, which I bought in preparation for building a new ladder, and lengths of 50*100mm (2*4 inch) wooden slats.

Nuclear bomb proof springs to mind. Overkill I know, but those are the materials I had to hand.

Ha ha, it would be ironic if the platform sank because the new table is so heavy, and I lost my tools anyway.


  1. I once had a clown that used to climb a flag pole and lay across the top whilst spinning around with the pole in his navel (truly!) I guess that those taking the photos are thinking of having you audition for a similar job? or reporting you to the health and safety (B*st**ds) I am glad that you mentioned the safety harness that will bug*er any problems there then? I`ve alway fancied a harness with a clear nylon safety rope to cause havok whilst I did something stupid at height, How are you going to power your new windlas/winch? have you thought about that yet?

  2. Hi Rob

    Still humming and hahing about electric vs hydraulic.

    Electric seems more straightforward (less problems).