Monday, September 04, 2006

More insulation

More insulationI've finally got the rest of the battens in, and have almost got a complete layer of spray foam insulation in.

By almost, I mean I have a small patch a few metres square under the thin plywood decking not insulated - hardly important I know.

The inset in the picture gives a snapshot of the place just before I finished the last of the battens, and before starting to spray with foam insulation.

Despite being effectively finished, I've decided to order some more spray foam insulation from Chantel.

This will mean I get to finish insulating below the floor, and put another layer in throughout.

My thinking is that it was so quick and easy to spray the insulation, so while everything is still accessible, I may as well reap the added benefit of a few more hours of spraying and get an additional layer of insulation in.

The more the insulation the less the longer term fuel costs, so I have no doubt it will pay for itself pretty fast.

I'll also know that it's been a job well done.


  1. hi tim, looks good and cakey, just wanna check, you are going to do the deckheads aren't you?

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  3. Hi Seb

    I wondered if anyone would ask.

    The deckheads are special.

    I'm planning on putting insulation boards up in there, as they will need to be removable for later projects in the galley etc.