Friday, September 08, 2006


LadderIt's time for me to make a proper ladder to access to the fish hold, as I'm going in and out of there more and more.

In the right of the picture, you can see the folding aluminium ladder I have been using. This was on the boat when I bought it and has simply been used like that ever since. It also gets used to climb down the outside of Lady Jane, onto the platform, from time to time.

Right now the ladder is simply propped there, with no support or fixings of any kind to keep it in place, obviously not too safe a state of affairs.

While I'm fine with using the ladder for myself, I'm very concious of the safety of other people using it, and I'm also aware of the potential for an accident when I'm tired, or not concentrating.

The bottom of the hold is about three metres (9 ft) below the deck, so any fall is likely to be troublesome, especially if I'm on the boat alone.

I think some lengths of angle iron, with angle iron steps should do it. I can then weld the top of the ladder to the hatch entrance, and pin the bottom to the concrete in the hold using Hilti nails.

While I'm on the subject, it had occurred to me that the open hatchway is a big space just above deck level, and one which can be fallen through very easily.

I should also make up some kind of safety grill to go into the hatchway. One that people could climb through easily enough, so it could always stay in place unless anything bulky needed lifting or lowering.


  1. Hi Tim! its just a thought but Howdens and others often have specials on staircases, under a hundred pounds, that one can cut to fit, using one of these might bring you nearer to deciding what you do or dont want in the way of access. they can be cut in half and used with a landing or be sut down the middle and modified to fit the width. by the time the boat is finished they will have been well used ,but will give easier access for the present? what do you think?

  2. How about a temporary scaffold tube hand rail around the hatch just tack welded in position!