Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drawers - Version 1

Drawers - version 1Sometimes my mouth is bigger than my brain!

In a fit of enthusiasm, I said it would only take me a few minutes to knock something together, rather than endure a visit to a certain well known Swedish furniture store.

Here you see the first drawers I've ever made in my life - the first of eight, and part of a bigger creation which is intended as cheap, temporary storage.

Needless to say, it's harder than it looks to make furniture - especially drawers!

At least I got to play with a new tool, a router, to cut the slots for the bottoms to go into. Though I feel I've yet to realise the router's full potential.

My justification for all this effort is that I need to work out how to do this sort of thing anyway, as I've my eye on the steps after the insulation, the underfloor heating, the plywood skin, the new boiler and associated systems etc.

Anyway, I've an idea on how not to do the bunks, and a better idea on how I'll do my next set of drawers. I'll also need to work on mastering those tricky blind dovetail joints (need to get my head around creating a jig of some sorts).

Maybe I'll just buy the tough things like drawers from that place and cut them to fit Lady Jane instead.

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