Monday, September 25, 2006

Cheers Seb

Earlier last week Seb, from over at Wendy Ann 2, sent me a link to an eBay auction for a much needed anchor winch.

Cheers SebI had to nip over to Fred's place on Saturday afternoon, to get front row seats for the end of the auction. I favour last minute bidding, in the hopes of lulling any other bidders into a false sense of security. In the event, it needed some swift work on the keyboard to ensure I won it.

A little more pricey than I was expecting, I must say.

The picture shows my new winch, sitting on the trolley, just before lifting it onto Lady Jane.

Thanks to John, the seller, for all the help loading it into the truck (no easy task). Thanks are also due to Fred and Duncan who helped hoist it onto Lady Jane.

Mostly, though, thanks to Seb for bringing it to my attention in the first place.

Next, I'll need some chain - lots of it.


  1. What size chain and I`ll keep my eye out. I guess Harry Pounds out due to cost (the old skin flint!)

  2. Hi Rob.

    In all the excitement I forgot to measure!

    Harry Pound's is almost closed down now - only what they have left in the big shed now. And that reluctantly sold.

    It's pointless going there without phoning first, as they are often not even there.



  3. End of an era! I dont know of any similar places but I guess that up north where the fishing fleets have been destroyed there must be comewhere?