Monday, August 07, 2006

Power tools for breakfast

This trivial effort would not normally have made my blog, but I liked the title so much I could not really pass up the opportunity...

Power tools for breakfastI really love bacon and eggs (with toast) for breakfast - I consider it one of life's treats.

For the longest time I've not had a frying pan on board, relying solely on the kitchenware left on board by the previous owners. It's a situation that needs to change, but is relatively low on my priority list.

Anyway, I've been determined to start earlier and have bacon and eggs in the morning, so finally got around to getting the magic combination of a frying pan, bacon, eggs and thick sliced bread on board.

After starting to cook toast under the grill, and while preparing to cook the eggs I realised there was no spatula thingy to lift the eggs from the frying pan once cooked. A knife, or the boat spoon, would not do as it's a non-stick pan.

Much to Pat's amazement, I temporarily halted production of breakfast to quickly craft up a spatula from a bit of wood from another project.

It turned out ok, and did the job perfectly fine.

And yes, breakfast on deck was wonderful.

Like so many other 'temporary' arrangements, I've a feeling this spatula may see more action yet!

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