Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hilti guy

I'm ready to start fitting the wooden struts which will hold the plywood skin in the stern accommodation.

There has been some debate about the best thing to use to hold the wood.

The old stuff was held in with Hilti nails, or equivalent, and my experience with them elsewhere has been pretty positive.

Hilti guyThe upshot of my enquiries was that I had a Hilti rep come by to see the boat, to offer help and advice, and of course to sell me Hilti gear.

I had put down a temporary deck, just to make working down below a little easier and somewhat safer.

We spent a while 'playing' with cool gadgets (a gun really). They have a mighty fine catalogue as well, at least from my perspective anyway.

You can see in the picture I now have a few, experimental, bits of wood fastened in the stern accommodation space.

There is still an outstanding issue regarding possible corrosion from the treated timber I'm planning on using, other than that it looks like I'll be using a Hilti nail gun and nails.

On the one hand, I don't feel important enough to warrant such attention from Hilti, on the other, it is handy to have an expert give the job the once over.

After all, I expect this stuff will have to last another forty odd years.


  1. Hi Tim There is another company who do the same as Hilti "Spit" and are usually somewhat cheaper pro rata. althought sometimes Hilti give a free gun with the appropriate amount of nails if purchased at the same time. also Ashtead plant hire these sorts of guns ( but will be expensive on the nails)out or will know who does!

  2. Hi Rob

    The quality is remembered long after the expense is forgotten.

    From people I know in the building trade, they say that the imitation nails are useless.

    While I know it's a generalisation, it's something I don't want to risk for this particular phase, maybe I'll try others later.

    I don't like renting as it never seems convenient. Also, I have so much to do that I'll probably pay more in the long run.

    Hilti also do a version of their nail which is a stud (6/8/10mm). I'm planning on using these for other sundry fixings. Easier and quicker than welding (no re-painting) also better than drilling and tapping, which is what I have been doing!



  3. Sounds good to me!

  4. Fred (WWR)11:29 AM

    Hay Tim! Why don't you offer Hilty a little advertising via photo shoot of your project and their products in exchange for some product? Looking good!!

  5. Hi Fred

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Good plan - they see they won't make much out of me directly, but indirectly...



  6. Will the Hilti rep give you a free gun! have you approached them for one? They usually do deals pretty regularily! mention that "spit" have given you a deal and see what they say!

  7. As the Hilti man - dont worry Tim wont be getting ripped off - far from it - and my interest is definetly not commercial - just want to assist on a very cool, if huge project.

    Our kit is generally more expensive - but far better value for money in the long run - -oops dont get me started - its the weekend.

  8. Look after him Mark give him an exceptional deal (sorry Tim) I just had to poke my nose in!

  9. Hi Mark, welcome to my blog.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Rob

    This is definately the start of a longer term relationship with Hilti.

    It turns out they have other cool stuff, by recommendation elsewhere, which I'll be needing shortly for the fish hold project.