Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fareham raft race

Raft raceThe spray foam insulation project meant that I missed out on the annual Castle In The Air, Fareham Creek raft race. Maybe not a bad thing now that I think about it.

I had toyed with the idea of inviting Chantel and John to help craft a raft with the aid of plenty of spray foam, then all of us, including Pat, could have paddled to victory in a sleek, unsinkable, raft.

We could have knocked up a shallow hull from flattened out paint tins, or something, and gone for it without fear of becoming waterlogged, or worse, as the spray foam is closed cell foam, thus watertight. I had plenty of paddles from the kayak of course, so propulsion would not have been a problem.

Although it was an opportunity almost too good to miss, common sense ruled. They might have thought I was a real weirdo and possibly refused to come down to help at all.

Ah well, maybe next year.

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