Friday, August 25, 2006

Cream cake

Cream cakeI'm sure I've said it before, but the spray foam insulation has made an almost unbelievable difference down below.

Now its like working inside a giant cream cake, rather than the grim black hole I'd become used to.

The remarkable difference in ambient light has given me pause for thought.

Right now I'm leaning towards using the light grey primer in the area that was the fish hold, rather than the bitumen paint I used in the aft accommodation space.

Pros for using a light coloured primer:
  • Ambiance - As soon as I start painting, even in a small patch, the place will look brighter and will generally be more pleasant to work in

  • Mess - That bitumen paint never really sets properly, so inevitably bitumen blobs spread throughout the rest of the boat - in the galley floor, on the deck, in my clothes, on visitors...
Cons for using a light coloured primer:
  • Cost - Bitumen paint is substantially cheaper than the two pack epoxy paints
I've not made a final decision, but the pros seem to outweigh the cons, particularly as the fish hold space will most likely take far longer to get to the stage I'm now at with the aft accommodation space.


  1. hi t,looks good, I am thinking on same lines for inside ms ann, nice light coloured epoxy to make the area brighter and better to work in before the cakey stuff goes on... paint soon for us i hope. s and bb

  2. is two pack epoxy as good at protection as bitumen,and sticking to old surfaces, bearing in mind that some rusty surfaces will remain to be covered? two pack polyeurethane poss? I believe that bitumen can be purchased in different colours (grey) ? Just a thought

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  4. Hi Rob

    I spoke to the folks you gave the link for, and as a result have been recommended Bondon 115.

    I ordered a trial pack, but it's v. expensive!

    Will keep everyone posted.



  5. Ouch! There must be other manufacturers out there on a commercial basis! Ill spend some time on the search engines. Ive not heard of Bondon 115 I guess its a two pack? is it

  6. Yup, a two pack.

    It's handy for covering old bitumen, which has been a problem in the stern accommodation.