Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Battens started

I've made a good start with fitting the battens down in the stern accommodation space.

Battens startedIt's quite amazing to see the shape of the hull emerging from the inky blackness that I've become used to.

What I've opted to do is to cut small wedges to go on top of the angle iron struts I'm fitting the battens to, this is because the angle iron does not sit at a neat 90 degrees to the rest of the hull.

I'm using lengths of 2*2 (50*50mm), as this should produce a flush finish with the one beam that stands proud of all the rest on either side.

The 50mm batten, along with the 50mm width angle iron leaves a massive 100mm (4 inches) space for insulation etc. Not that I plan on putting that much spray foam insulation in, as it would prove far, far, too costly.

I'm very sure the foam insulation will completely transform the whole space, making it lighter and more comfortable to work in, as currently the sun on the hull, especially with the tide out, makes things pretty warm down there.

I'll also need to pay attention to sound insulation from the engine room, in so far as it's practical to do so.

Using Hilti nails has made a big difference to the overall efficiency of the operation, cheers Mark.

There is still a long way to go though, as I've not yet worked out what to do at the join between the walls and ceiling, nor how I'll fix the battens at either of the ends.

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