Friday, August 04, 2006

Another big mess

Another big messThe next project on Lady Jane should be in the forepeak, as the steel there will need cutting out and replacing where it has rusted through and, of course, I've still got to install the anchor and winch - if I ever manage to find the gear I need.

To get to do any serious work in the forepeak however, it needs to be cleared out - I have a lot of stuff in the forepeak.

The small stuff I use on a regular basis will all go on the new shelving in the steering room, it's the stuff I don't always use, or don't particularly want in the steering room, which will need a temporary home.

That 'temporary' home will be shelves in what was the fish hold.

The reality is, it's just not practical to store anything in the fish hold at the moment, as it is pretty filthy down there. So with things well in hand elsewhere on Lady Jane, it makes sense to start rust busting down in the fish hold.

Whatever happens, it's a job that needs doing.

It's a huge space, so it's a big project in it's own right to get the fish hold into a similar state to that the stern accommodation is now in.

Here we go again!


  1. Its not easy to understand just how big that area is when first looking at the photograph , until you spot the shovel?

  2. Hi Rob, yup - it's a bit big there.

    That space will eventually make four good sized cabins (with en-suite).

    Note the workbench, my design of interchangable legs comes into it's own down there.