Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer bbq

Summer bbqIt's summer so, quite naturally, it's barbeque season.

All sorts of things came together perfectly, ensuring a wonderful barbeque (braai) for all of us.
  • The weather, especially the wind, was perfect

  • Lady Jane is looking tops with her fresh white paint job

  • The inside is looking the best/cleanest it ever has

  • The tide worked out perfectly, rising as we settled into the barbeque

  • There was no real noise from any of the boats near by

  • The food, including the salad and homemade biscuits, turned out really well

  • The beer was ice cold
I'm reminded that this lifestyle is what it's all about. No amount of money in the world could top the enjoyment of being with good friends in such an idyllic setting.

Thanks to one and all for being there.


  1. What? As a an expat Brit out of the country for 18 years, one of my fondest memories of the old country is how we drank beer at cellar temperature - definitely NOT ice cold. Don't tell me that you've gone all American in your beer-drinking habits since I left.

  2. Hey Tillerman

    We've not let the side down. It's just that cold larger is best for 30 degree temperatures (90+ in your part of the world I think).