Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shower room

The shower room is now very, very, nearly complete.

Shower roomHere you see the shower room in all it's glory, with it's final coat of finishing paint and the wash basin and shower unit finally plumbed in.

I have a cabinet with a nice big mirror to go in which, along with a shelf I've had for a while, will make the room complete.

The observant amongst you will see that there is only one pipe plumbed into the basin, that's on account of the fact that I ran out of speedfit pipe, and also did not have another tee piece or a drain pipe.

The choice was to plumb in the cold water either to the basin or the toilet. Of course a flushing toilet got priority.

The cold water supply to the basin and drain pipe will probably take about 15 minutes to fit (I hope).

Finally, the duckboards from before have been cleaned up and repaired. They will probably last forever, even though I could do with making up some better fitting ones sometime.


  1. Thanks Bowiechick.

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