Monday, July 31, 2006


I've made a start putting shelving into the steering room.

There is not a single thing straight in the place, making judging the heights of the shelves a tougher job than you'd think.

ShelvingThe floor slopes down away from the stern, so the post heights are all different. The stern is curved in an uneven arc, especially in the area where there is a bit of a dent, making cutting the outer edge neatly practically impossible.

Looking at the picture, you'd think that top self is never going to be even close to level. It will be fine, I can assure you.

All this working at the stern, with all the curves and angles, strongly reminds me of working with Karen on the Wanderbird, helping her with the curves for their shelving, except it's not snowing outside,

It's deeply satisfying work seeing all this come together, plus I finally get some badly needed storage space in the steering room.

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