Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rust busting....

Rust bustingThe rust busting continues.

This lot is right down by the waterline, so is hard to get to unless the tide is out.

Previously, when I first started rust busting on the hull, the platform you see in the picture would slide away from the boat in the mud, making it impossible to reach the side. That's why this section has not been touched before now.

I had also secretly been hoping to avoid doing this tricky section, hoping Lady Jane would look ok.

The reality is, with all the rest of the starboard side primed (except for a bit at the bow) this bit simply looks awful in comparison, and has to be done right down to the waterline.

On the plus side, I've had an increasing number of strangers comment on how good Lady Jane looks.

It's always gratifying to have the results of so much effort noticed.


  1. Are they new windows youv`e cut into the sides?

  2. No, they're sluices that were there.

    I took them out to paint separately.

  3. Ah, Ha! My apologies I should have seen that!

  4. I am planning on cutting in windows, that's part of the forward accommodation project - sometime in the next couple of years I should think.