Friday, July 28, 2006

Fleet expansion

I've acquired another boat.

Fleet expansionMy fleet has now expanded to a total of five boats - considering that I had none just over two years ago, and didn't really mean to own any boats at all, that's not bad going.

This one simply drifted into my life. I found it nestled up between Lady Jane and the quay. If I had not rescued it, I suspect Lady Jane would simply have crushed it.

It's mine now.

I know where it came from, and offered it back. The former owners said "nah, keep it - it's no good anyway".

With some tender loving care, it could be useful. Certainly more useful than the two person kayak I've had kicking around on deck for the last two years.

Malcolm is very taken with the idea of tidying it up, so now I have a boat restoration project inside my boat restoration project.


  1. Congrats on making Admiral :)

  2. He he, thanks Rik.

    A demotion is iminent, as I'm selling the kayak on ebay!