Monday, July 24, 2006


BluesI've finally managed to get a coat of blue on the hull.

The result has certainly exceeded my expectations.

There is still more rust busting/priming at the waterline to do before the whole thing is blue, but it's very satisfying to have done as much as we have.

It seems so long ago that I made the decision to paint the hull blue, and actually bought the paint.

I've discovered that, with organisation, it's entirely practical for two people to paint the entire starboard side in a frenzy of painting lasting three or four hours.

It helps if it doesn't rain halfway through painting though.


  1. wow, stunning!

  2. Looks great and will look even better when the water line is clearly defined! but, I guess thats not possible until ballasted correctly? really going to look nice too when the handrails on the upper deck have been "straightened" :o))

  3. Thanks rob.

    Those hand rails are surprisingly tough!

    I may well cut them off and weld them back on after straightening them on the quay side.