Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sometimes some of the things that happen seem so unreal that they simply could not be made up.

For years I've had a lasso, given to me by some friends in the US.

When I was first given the rope a friend of mine and I spent quite some time trying to lasso things and, even more amusingly, trying to twirl it above our heads.

Needless to say our efforts were completely fruitless, and the rope was consigned to the attic.

AmazingNot long ago, while looking for something else, I found the rope in the attic and remembered that Archie, from the Donald Redford, had spent a large part of his life working as a cowboy in Wyoming and Montana.

Not expecting too much, I showed the rope to Archie, explaining the difficulty I had with it.

Archie immediately grabbed the rope, headed for the quayside and proceeded to spin it expertly, then set about roping everything in sight, including me.

It just seems so amazing to me that the skipper of the Donald Redford, in Fareham - England, proved so adept with a rope that nobody I know in the US could twirl!

I'm still grinning at the memory of it now.

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