Monday, June 26, 2006

Ooh my soul..

Ooh my soulFinally, the decking (sole) in the aft accommodation has been taken out.

I've been in two minds as to weather to do this or not, as it was a perfectly good surface.

In retrospect, I'm glad I have - as the old wood stank!

There is some rust-busting and cleaning up to do, but on the whole things are in good shape below the deck line.

After a quick lick of bitumen paint, I'll finally be ready to start re-fitting the stern accommodation.

The thought of underfloor heating came to mind this morning, something I'll have to investigate...


  1. Oh to only scratch and paint...Not really I know but...

    lookin good!

  2. Ya haar! looks like a cleaner (and better condition!) version of the inside of ms Ann...
    wot no bilge filth?

    s and b

  3. ONLY scratch & paint? Hmmm I wish!

    Thanks bowiechick.

  4. Hey there s&b,

    You guys have to drop by for a visit.

    Very little bilge filth gets into this part, what was there is now in the oil disposal - yuck!


  5. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Wow, the bitumen paint makes it look like you had a fire down there :p

  6. That last comment was me :)

  7. Hi Rik

    Soon this will all be a memory (and of course a few blog entries).

    Next I'll start putting wood back in, at last the start of the building.