Friday, June 02, 2006

New Floor

New floorAfter the success of the laminate flooring in the wheelhouse, I went ahead and slapped laminate down on the galley floor as well.

As visitors to Lady Jane well know, the old floor surface never really cleaned up properly at all.

To say that I'm pleased with how it turned out is somewhat of an understatement, it's had such an immediate and incredible effect.

From now on, unless there is some kind of protective cover in place, outside shoes are banned in the galley.

I know this flooring is only temporary, but it is such a pleasure to have a clean galley floor for a change.

Just one more step in this journey towards Lady Jane being home.


  1. Outside shoes banned in the galley? I think you've finally crossed the line from being a boat owner to being a house-proud home owner.

  2. It looks really good! I have used a lot of it in Kitchens etc but find that the end of the "plank" joins suffer from deformation by moisture particularily if non "waterproof" type (cheap) is used. I wonder`d what the real wood version is like for the long term. Looks good though and lets face it they would have only used "lino" anyway,so it has to be better and last longer.Nice job!

  3. Hi Tillerman

    The outside shoes rule will probably not last, but for now, while it's all clean and nice.

  4. Hi Rob

    This is supposed to be temporary, I'll use a good waterproof version or the real thing later.

    For the real wood look, take a look at Wanderbird ( Their floors are literally a shining example to us all.


  5. That's beautiful!