Thursday, June 08, 2006


LegacyNo Lady Jane post today, as progress has been non existent due to me feeling a bit ill recently. Nothing serious, just bleah.

Anyway, this gives me the opportunity to catch up with what else is going on in the marine world.

A while ago I posted about the M/V APL Panama, which was shipwrecked down in Mexico back in December 2005.

It turns out that there is an even more intriguing story, relating to the yacht Legacy, who got left high and dry after causing what appears to be a substantial amount of damage, a result of Hurricane Wilma back in November 2005.

I bet that was a wild ride on board that night!

I first read about it at the interesting and entertaining blog Eli Boat some time ago.

There is a fascinating thread on the subject running at Sailing Anarchy, which is worth checking back on every now and then.
Cost calculator
I know there has been some debate on the subject, but by my calculation the salvage (relocation), repairs, fines, damages to the environment etc. will cost this much:

My calculations are based on the guide from Countryman & McDaniel, which is a site well worth a browse when you have a few hours to spare.

It looks like it will be some time before this particular wreck is sorted.

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